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Portions of Maine are found all over the country

No matter where you are, odds are you'll always find yourself coming across something relating to Maine. Whether it's snacking on pie that was made with Maine blueberries, eating a seafood dinner shipped in from New England with Maine lobster, or even sipping on a Moxie -- there's a piece of Maine all over the nation.

And after what was found recently over the weekend, we can now say that pieces of Maine can (and have been) spotted internationally, too.

A Maine-related sticker was found at the Tijuana, Mexico border

It doesn't say whether this picture was taken first-hand or sent by a friend, but over the weekend, u/Novel-Percentage-582 posted a picture to the Maine Reddit page showing off a Maine-related sticker on the side of a food cart at the Tijuana, Mexico/United States Border.

The picture shows a Sugarloaf sticker on the bottom of the food cart. And while that started a brief conversation amongst commenters, it quickly turned into a suggestion for a brand new type of restaurant in Maine.

Mainers would love a restaurant dedicated to tamales in the area

Whether it's a full-out restaurant or simply just a food truck, commenters on the Reddit thread started by u/Novel-Percentage-582 quickly turned the focus from the random Sugarloaf sticker found on the Mexican food cart to how amazing it would be to have a tamales place in Maine.

Dennis Schrader
Dennis Schrader

"Damn you got me super excited. I just saw the picture and thought we had a tamale stand somewhere Maine which I needed to find immediately." - u/jordanss2112

Where would you love to see a new tamales stand or food truck pop up in Maine? The Old Port? The OOB Pier? Main Street in Brunswick? Rock Row in Westbrook? Somewhere completely different?

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