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Box of Maine TikTok

Even though there are a few TikTok accounts solely based around Maine, none may reek more of Vacationland than the Box of Maine TikTok account. If you're not familiar with Box of Maine, what they do is basically all in their name -- they literally ship out boxes filled with Maine-only items: Moxie, Needhams, Whoopie Pies, Maine-based T-shirts (like Moxie shirts), and a stupid amount more.

While lately, a solid chunk of their videos are based solely around the new Maine Moxie Man, they also sometimes post videos while on delivery of their boxes. That's exactly what they did a few days ago while on a delivery run, and they challenged Mainers to guess where they were.

Between the comments they received from posting this video on their Facebook page and their TikTok page, Box of Maine received well over 300 comments from Mainers trying to guess exactly where they were driving.

We've done some meticulous research and we feel like we've narrowed down exactly where the Box of Maine crew was driving when they took this video, but we aren't going to spoil the fun of guessing. Instead, we'll let other fellow Mainers do it with their guesses below.

(Spoiler: Mostly everyone answered correctly in the comments on both Facebook and TikTok, but some of these answers ooze Maine sarcasm that we had to share.)

Can You Guess Where in Maine This Video Was Taken From?

Lots of Mainers commenting got it right, but most just flexed their hilarious Maine sarcasm instead.

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