An amazing announcement that could positively affect thousands of Maine students was recently made.

Maine's community colleges have thrown down the hammer. The schools are amazingly offering free tuition to thousands of potential students throughout the entire state. Every graduating or graduated student (or something equivalent) from 2020 to 2023 qualifies. This is simply unheard of, and tremendous to see.

The free tuition includes every one of Maine's community colleges. They are Eastern Maine Community College, Kennebec Valley Community College, Northern Maine Community College, Southern Maine Community College, Washington County Community College, and York County Community College.

Main's Community College System is offering this in light of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. They point out there's no age or income restrictions. The major stipulation is having graduated from high school some time between 2020 and 2023.

The guidelines also add that a student must be enrolled "full time in a degree or certificate program," and align with all federal aid. If the student does, then it's two years of college tuition absolutely free from the student's community college of choice.

According to Southern Maine Community College, the student will save around $7,400 if the entire two years of tuition is used. That's outstanding savings for a kid who will be jumping into a very volatile world.

Maine's Community College System offers a variety of degrees and focusses, so there should be nearly something for everyone. At the very least it's a great option, especially for a student who may be wary of what the next move should be. It could save you from a several thousand dollar mistake.

However, this is much more of a story about opportunity, and the Maine Community Colleges should be commended for creating so many.

You can visit any of the community college websites to find out more information.

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