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Do you believe in haunted objects? I mean, there seem to actually be a lot of them out there, including a haunted billiards table at a pub in Portland, Maine, that was even featured on a Hulu show called Repossessed.

Not going to lie to you, I am intrigued by hauntings, whether it is in a house or a haunted object, but there is one thing that absolutely terrifies me... dolls. Well, really anything that can resemble a person I guess, dolls, mannequins, ventriloquist dolls, etc., which makes what I am going to talk about today a little bit terrifying for me.

I've been in contact with a local Maine paranormal investigator named Chris Sanders, and let me tell you, I do not know how he does it.

What does he do exactly? Well, other than going on investigations, he also has a big collection of haunted objects, and the most famous one is Buddy the Haunted Doll, who is nothing like Buddy the Elf.

Don't think that objects move on their own? Well, Buddy the Haunted Doll will prove you wrong to the point where you will never question him again.

Don't believe me? Well, luckily Buddy was caught on video opening his glass case and even moved, you can check out the video below.

Let's get into Buddy the Haunted Doll's history.

Where is Buddy From? 

According to Chris Sanders, Buddy is originally from New Orleans, however Sanders came to be the owner of Buddy after a woman bought him at an estate sale. Once she brought Buddy home, she started to have a lot of strange things start happening at her house.

She claimed that things started falling off the shelves and she also heard laughing. It seemed that that was not all however, a lot of strange and bad things were happening regarding her relationship and her job. The only explanation that she could think of was that Buddy had something to do with it.

How Did Sanders Get Ahold of Buddy? 

Sanders said that the woman that bought the doll asked if he would be able to investigate Buddy, which he agreed to do.

When Sanders was conducting the investigation, he claims to have a lot of negative things start happening to him. At that point, Sanders decided to put Buddy in a glass case (Buddy was originally not in any case).

Chris became the new owner of Buddy, and Buddy is in a lot of his videos and even has is own Facebook page.

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