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Yes, the mandate on masks in New Hampshire has been lifted by Gov. Chris Sununu but that doesn’t mean you can ditch the mask and go on with life like it used to be.

Many businesses in our area would like you to continue mask-wearing, and they have the right to request that you wear one to enter their establishments, according to unionleader.com.

Why Keep That Mask

While the number of vaccines administered in our state is continuing at a quick pace, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods just yet.

Many restaurants have put up signage that requests that you still wear a mask.  Even hair salons have been putting them up.

According to unionleader.com, Fountain of Beauty Salon and Spa in Claremont posted on their Facebook page “No matter how you feel about it, whether you are vaccinated or not if you feel magically immune to the virus.  We cannot afford to close down and quarantine.  We most definitely cannot afford to lose anyone we love.”

No State Mandate, But Check your Local Rules

While the state mandate has been lifted, some cities still require mask-wearing such as Portsmouth.

Do you still don’t want to wear the mask?  Some restaurants say stick to take out if you are mask adverse.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends wearing the mask when you cannot be socially distant.  Businesses still has the right to request you to wear a mask in their establishment just like they can require you to wear shoes and a shirt.

I hope this is over soon and I can burn my mask but until we reach the end, let us stick with it.

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