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On March 5, during a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston, a Leominster, Massachusetts, man allegedly tried to open the plane door and stab a flight attendant, according to WCVB.

The news station reported that, thankfully, the accused man was tackled by passengers and restrained with the help of the flight crew members.

But what would you do in that situation?

The Boston Globe shared raw video taken during the flight that is extremely frightening. The video shows the man making scary comments and threats with words like "bloodbath" and "kill."

In the video, it seems that the majority of the passengers sitting around him are avoiding eye contact and looking down while he's standing up in his middle seat and ranting.

YouTube via Boston Globe
Boston Globe via YouTube

It's not until he says he's going to take over the flight, climbs out of his seat, and starts walking toward the front of the plane with a sharp object, according to WCVB, that passengers started to convene.

In the video, you can see several passengers get up to follow the man and possibly help others subdue the situation.

Would you have said anything to him or gotten up and tried to help the flight attendants and others?

It's a tough call when you know there's a sharp weapon involved, yet I like to think that most of us automatically go into survival mode and humanity takes over to help others.  I know I've automatically helped out or stood up for strangers when there was trouble, but nothing even close to this where weapons are involved.

YouTube via Boston Globe
Boston Globe via YouTube

Travel Pulse states that it's instinct to want to help for most of us, but that we shouldn't for our own safety.

According to Fodors, if you think something is off with another passenger, you should alert the crew discreetly and not engage with the passenger at all.  Fodors says it's important to remember that even though we don't see or hear it, the cabin crew and captain are in constant communication even before things possibly escalate, with a plan already in the works.

Clearly, there are exceptions to every rule, and this one turned out to be one of those, as it's thanks to those passengers who helped the flight crew restrain the man that nothing worse happened.

According to TMZ, the man was eventually taken into custody once the flight landed a few minutes later in Boston.

You can see the raw video below, but just a warning that it contains sensitive content that may be disturbing for some people.

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