This is quite possibly the cutest thing you'll see all week.

Most of us have heard of Emotional Support Animals (ESA's) and therapy animals. They are just the absolute best. Even if you don't necessarily rely on a pet to provide emotional comfort, animals always seem to have the magic touch when it comes to putting a smile on our faces during tough times.

One of my college suitemates had a cat named Bucky (also known as Bonk or Bonky Bean), who is an ESA. He's a young lad who exists in his own dimension, and probably sees into the past, present, and future all at the same time. He's a little nuts, but he's the best.

Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media
King Bonk himself (Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media)

It's less common to hear of large animals or livestock serving as ESA's or therapy animals, but it does happen. This farm in Goffstown, New Hampshire allows people to spend time cuddling cows as a form of therapy.

But what about the police force? Any therapy animals in that field must be the typical smaller ones like dogs or cats, right?

Think again.

Just a few months ago, the Manchester Police Department (MPD) in New Hampshire welcomed a new addition to the force: Eddy, the state's first police therapy pony.

This sweet prince is a 20-year-old Shetland pony. Isn't he precious?

The post explains that the MPD's other police horses are rather massive, whereas Eddy will be a less intimidating presence on the force.

It's safe to say that the word 'intimidating' doesn't apply to Eddy. Officer Kelly McKenny instead describes the pony as one who "loves attention" and "just wants to eat and snuggle."

It seems like Eddy has since adjusted well to his new environment. He recently paid a visit to The Moore Center, which helps those with "intellectual, developmental and personal challenges" according to their Facebook.

It didn't take long for this friendly pony to make people smile, and who can blame them?

The MPD is lucky to have a trusty little fellow like Eddy in their company, and we know he will have a positive impact on all who interact with him.

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