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Springtime in New England isn't necessarily the longest season. However, it is still a very crucial few weeks. The short window is when New Englanders head to local garden centers and farmer's markets to load up on annual and perennial beauties. While garden centers offer all the year's new buds, there's one New England nursery that offers a little bit more.

Tucked away in the Massachusetts town of Marlborough is Trombetta's Farm Garden Center. On the outside, Trombetta's looks similar to other prosperous local garden centers. However, this nursery also includes a 450-foot greenhouse with an 18-hole miniature golf course in it.

Trombetta's Farm via Facebook
Trombetta's Farm via Facebook

According to Trombetta's website, the course was originally built in 1985. The fiber glass greenhouse not only allows for protection from the weather, but is also climate-controlled to allow for year-round play.

The greenhouse course is loaded with incredible detail, including various plantings, flowers, rock features, a pond, bridges, and two waterfalls The course certainly seems to do its best to transform the greenhouse into a mini-golf oasis.

And if that isn't enough, Trombetta's even has what every true mini golf course needs: homemade ice cream. And not just homemade ice cream, but an entire window of dairy treats.

A garden center, indoor mini golf course, and homemade ice cream make a unique but very successful trio. For more details, you can visit Trombetta's website. And, perhaps I will see you there. I am already eyeing a road trip on the next stormy day.

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