Imagine wandering around your local mall, minding your own business as you go to poke your head into some stores. Suddenly, out of nowhere you get caught in the rain. But it's not a nasty pipe leak above you. No, this is the only kind of rain we ever want to be unexpectedly caught in: a shower of those good ol' dollar bills, baby.

Well, for some shoppers in Meriden, Connecticut, that was their fortunate reality last week.

Those who paid a visit on to the Meriden Mall on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, were in for a fun surprise when a mystery man stood at the edge of a railing near the mall's exit and "made it rain", showering dollar bills on those below, according to NBC Connecticut,

You can watch the video here. 

Of course, a small group quickly gathered, scrambling to pick up what bills they could. How much change rained down? Well, the article says that the cash bands were left on the floor, and the sum totaled $200. Not bad at all.

NBC Connecticut goes on to explain that this isn't the first time this has happened at the Meriden Mall. Apparently something similar happened less than a week prior. Now, is it the same mystery man? This writer presumes so. Judging by the friend next to him who seems to be recording from his phone, maybe the guy's a TikToker or YouTuber. Either way, we're sure these mall-goers appreciate his act of kindness.

Anyone have some extra cash, feel inspired by random acts of kindness, and want to hit up one of our nearby malls to toss some dough over a balcony? If so, feel free to hit this writer up. She's trying to save for an apartment and extra help would be appreciated.

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