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The Beginning

Earlier this year a buzz was brewing about being able to go topless on Nantucket beaches. The Cape Cod Times reported that a Nantucket bylaw amendment titled “Gender Equality on Beaches" has been proposed. This amendment is written to allow for any gender to be topless while on a beach in Nantucket. The individual behind this is Dorothy Stover who tackled the issue after wanting to lay out topless like male counterparts and not being able to. Stover noted in an interview with Cape Cod Times, “Some men have bigger breasts than I do."

The town meeting where the issue would be presented happened last week on May 2nd.

“Some men have bigger breasts than I do."

The Decision

The result of the vote came out in favor of the new amendment. According to Boston.com, it passed 327-242. This vote was just one step toward the ultimate goal of allowing anyone to be topless on the local beaches. The Attorney General will need to sign off on it before anything becomes official.

It is expected to pass as according to 30a.com, there’s a nude portion of Moshup Beach on Martha’s Vineyard and there’s also Longnook Beach on Cape Code according to Nudist Compass.

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With the beach season quickly approaching, the earliest this will go into effect is in the Summer of 2023.

Sunbathing Yes or No...?

Is sunbathing nude my jam? I’m not so sure. There are just some areas that I feel like would burn easily. In a time of body positivity and a push for gender equality it certainly doesn’t surprise me that there is a push for normalizing toplessness. Not to mention the #freethenipple movement.

What do you think? Should the option of toplessness for everyone be the new norm? Is it too far? Let us know what you think through our app.

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