Way to go, New England!  We often land in the top 10 lists, whether it be for beauty, food, vacation spots, beautiful beaches, education, or hidden gems.  Now, here we go again, and this one's a doosie.  The only question now is which states didn't make the list.  According to CNBC, New England almost had a clean sweep for the top 10 best states to live and work in for 2023.  Based on criteria and factors including quality of life, health, and inclusiveness, four of our regions states crushed it.

Connecticut rounded out this Top 10 list at #10, according to CNBC, with some of the best healthcare in the nation.  Low crime and incredible worker protections also helped catapult the Nutmeg State to this top 10 list, getting a B overall.

Massachusetts tied with Colorado for the #8 spot as a powerhouse for healthcare in the state, with the lowest number of people without health insurance in the country.  Worker protections are robust as well as reproductive rights, which earned the Bay State a B overall.

Maine deserves a standing ovation, landing at #2.  With one of the lowest crime rates in the country as well as readily-available healthcare and childcare, Maine has a well deserved A- over all. The Pine Tree state also tops this lucrative list for being welcoming and having broad protections against discrimination.

Vermont is the only state with an A+ at #1.  With the best air quality, most accessible childcare, and broad protections against discrimination and easy voting rights, way to go, Vermont.

By the numbers, living in the Green Mountain State is stress-free, easy, and healthy. Vermont offers America’s best air quality with zero high ozone days per year, and the nation’s most accessible childcare. Vermonters enjoy broad protections against discrimination, and strong voting rights. This stress-free state tops the list.

Maybe next year, New Hampshire and Rhode Island can help with a clean sweep.

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