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According to Boston.CBS.local, Amtrak recently revealed a plan to expand rail service across America and this would include serving millions more riders over the next 15 years.

Part of this big plan is enhancing service from Boston to other areas of the Northeast.

The article states that the map released showed new Amtrak service from Boston to Manchester and Concord as well as Boston to Springfield and Albany, New York. The Downeaster line would also be enhanced, with new service extended to Rockland, Maine.

Riders would also be able to take the Vermonter train from Springfield all the way to Montreal, Canada, Boston.CBS.local stated.

The article goes on to explain that this news came through as President Joe Biden unveiled a new $2.3 trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

Someone posted about the new proposed Amtrak routes on the New Hampshire Reddit group and a few people decided to voice their passionate opinions on the matter.

Some opinions include:

  • While they are at it, they really should connect the North Station and South Station trains in Boston so we can take the train straight from NH to NY without having to get off and switch trains.
  • The delays on the tracks are annoying and too frequent
  • Also while they're at is, they should reactivate the tracks running from Newburyport to Portsmouth!

Check out the plan in more detail here.

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