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You have to check out this brand new gallery in Portsmouth that has stunning works of art and photography dedicated to "Man's Best Friend."


Dog Art Gallery By Kimberly Sarah

40 Pleasant Street - Downtown Portsmouth

This gallery is located in the basement of the Customs House, to describe their location as a local might better understand 'Right underneath Book And Bar.'

Formerly located in Manchester, this jaw-dropping photography and art gallery just opened within the last 24 hours.

Dog Art Gallery features paintings so lifelike that it's nearly impossible to distinguish them from photographs.

Yet another great example of something that I now absolutely need that I didn't know was available or possible until I clicked their website.

My Nana had a yellow lab named Spice that she adored for 12 years and there are stacks of old photos at her house that are quite suitable for 'framing'. I think if I had Spice's portrait done in this style it would make the best Christmas present ever.

If you're having the same idea as me, you can call Kimberly Sarah for an appointment and there is also a form you can fill out at their website.

For those of you that would love to check out the 40 works of art in their 2,500 square foot studio, their hours are 12 to 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

Keep in mind, their schedule can change due to client meetings but the longest temporary closure would be no more than an hour.

As we all know, downtown Portsmouth is the perfect place to (have a beverage or two) wait a little while.

Well-behaved dogs are also welcome to attend!

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