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We typically let our noses guide us on a daily basis toward the delicious, soothing, or curious smells, and away from the disgusting.  However, THIS smell is crucially important, and not one you want to mess around with.

I'm totally freaking myself out and yes, I'm being dramatic for a very good reason after learning this.

If you smell cucumbers in your home but none are nearby, you should call wildlife, animal, or pest control and fast.

The smell is going to be a musky, rotten, cucumber-like smell that reminds you of the vegetable coming from your attic, basement, or garage.  Why?  Because that's where the dangerously venomous rattlesnakes and copperheads like to curl up, slither around, hang out, and build nests.

Image of a Great Basin Rattle Snake, Utah.

Yes, nests where babies and families hang out.  OMG, can you imagine?

And let's be honest, they slither around so silently, so thank goodness this smell is something to signal that there may be a family of snakes living with you.

According to Total Reptile, rattlesnakes and copperheads have an old cucumber-like scent when they're locked inside four walls and either dying, on high alert, or hibernating.

Venomous Copperhead Snake ( Agkistrodon contortrix)
Mark Kostich

This odor comes from their glands, and as we know, these are extremely poisonous snakes that are virtually impossible to dodge if you come into contact with one.

So if you come across this smell, you'll now know to not go searching for them like people do in horror movies when they hear something that's clearly out of the ordinary.  Instead, call animal control or an exterminator to find out the next steps.

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