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The world getting more and more digital by the day is equal parts super convenient (what up, remote jobs?!) and also super scary (what up, hacking and A.I. slowly getting more and more advanced?!)

The irony about this situation, though, is this hijacking of a live news broadcast didn't happen through hacking or any other digital path -- this was live and in person.

And it was also one of the most randomly hilarious moments ever on a New England newscast.

Tamara Sacharczyk via Twitter
Tamara Sacharczyk via Twitter

Tamara Sacharczyk on NBC10

We have a lot of memorable and amazing news anchors in New England. Some have made a name for themselves here and then moved onto national news jobs, like Dylan Dreyer, who jumped from 7News in Boston to the national news with NBC, making frequent appearances on Today.

Others have jumped between Maine and New Hampshire stations, like the recent jump former CBS 13 meteorologist Matt Hoenig made last summer when he moved onto WMUR.

Tamara Sacharczyk is a news anchor and investigative journalist for NBC 10 Providence, arriving from a station in Springfield, Mass in October 2019.

One of the highlights of Tamara on social media is her Instagram page, which has a lot of looks behind the scenes of not just her life but also news broadcasts.

Whether it's (rather creepily and awkwardly) going viral over deceiving viewers with her height or even just giving us a peek inside what she experiences when she is in the middle of a breaking news report -- Tamara shares a lot. And it's fantastic.

A few days ago, Tamara posted a video on her Instagram that highlighted her live newscast getting hijacked by another reporter -- her co-worker Dan Jaehnig.

Because in the middle of a report, Dan started loudly talking to Tamara about something involving her report, before he walked right into the frame and, as Tamara put it, hijacked the newscast.

And honestly, when a lot of people consider the news so negative or avoid it altogether because it can be taken in as emotionally draining, it's great to have anchors like Tamara in New England to, in essence, make news fun again.

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