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This past weekend was considered the "dead week" in NFL action, since it's the week between the NFL Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. It's also considered the "dead week" because no one really likes the Pro Bowl -- especially the one played yesterday.

The Pro Bowl was essentially a game of two-hand touch football.

In a normal NFL game, fans are used to watching nonstop hitting, tackling, and intense action. What they got yesterday was essentially just a bunch of grown men hugging on a football field for a few hours. And fans on social media made it known they were not happy about it.

Four New England Patriots players were part of the 2022 Pro Bowl.

Despite the hate that the Pro Bowl got yesterday, there were some highlights, especially for New England Patriots fans. Four Pats players represented the AFC team -- Mac Jones, Matthew Judon, Matthew Slater, and "Mr. I-N-T" J.C. Jackson. And basically every single Pats player had a highlight during the game.

Mr. INT J.C. Jackson had an interception in the end zone.

Toward the start of the game, in what turned out to be players playing at about 15% pace (if that), one of the league-leaders in interceptions, J.C. Jackson, did what he does best -- intercepted a pass in the end zone from the NFC team.

On top of J.C. Jackson intercepting a pass, according to the Patriots Official Website, Matthew Judon also snagged an interception that he ran into the end zone for a Pick Six. But one of the most talked-about moments involved Pats QB Mac Jones late in the game.

Mac Jones hit The Griddy in the end zone during a dead play

In case you're not familiar with 'The Griddy,' it's the end zone dance made popular by Minnesota Vikings player Justin Jefferson. Essentially, it's just his own custom celebratory dance for any time he scores a touchdown.

During the 4th quarter, Mac was forced to scramble away from the incoming defense and ran a few yards before being called down by way of man-hug. But, since players were just having fun on the field reminiscent of a little kids' Pee Wee practice, Mac just kept running for the end zone, which the entire crowd cheered on.

Then they cheered even louder after "hitting the Griddy" with moves that would make even the most two-left-footed dancers feel confident.

Regardless of how you felt about the Pro Bowl yesterday, the players seemed to be having a good time and our hometown boys shone bright. So, at that point, does it matter what we think while armchair quarterbacking?

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