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When we choose to go on vacation, there are so many fees that we need to pay. From booking our flights and paying for baggage to hotel fees. Taking a vacation is never as cheap as we think or want it to be.

New England is filled with "snowbirds" people that flock down to the south (mainly Florida) during the colder months to get away from the snow. Well, whether you are a "snowbird" or just someone that enjoys traveling, there may be yet another fee coming your way that you are not expecting.

If you are planning your next trip to Florida or even planning on booking a hotel in the future, you may want to call and ask the hotel a question prior to booking. If you want to keep some food or drinks cold in your hotel room, it may cost you extra.

That's right, apparently, there is a new policy at some hotels where they will actually charge you to use the mini fridge there!

One Reddit user took to the platform to share their experience when staying at a Marriot in Florida.

There was a sign on the mini fridge in the hotel room that read "The refreshment center is on a sensor. Use of the refreshment center for personal storage will automatically incur a cost of $50.00."

Therefore, if you even open it you could accidently cost yourself $50.00. But, it looks like some hotels will now charge you for trying to save money and bringing your own food and drinks. They really just want you to buy theirs.

There is another line at the bottom of the sign on the fridge that says that guests are able to call the front desk for "refrigerator requests." Does this mean that if you call that you will be able to get a free fridge for your room? Honestly, that is uncertain currently.

Let's be honest, no one is going to pack their own mini fridge to use on vacation. To make sure that you are not attacked by this possible extra fee during your next vacation, I again recommend calling the hotel you plan on staying at prior to arrival.

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