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Web Search History

It's quite possibly one of the things that could expose us the most. If anything, our web search history could be the biggest skeleton in our respective closets. More often than not, you hear stories about people being apprehensive about handing their phones over to a friend or significant other for quick use, especially when it involves a web search.

And how many times have you heard stories of someone erasing their web search history before either bringing a desktop or laptop in for repair or letting someone borrow said computer or laptop? Maybe not so much now since our smart devices are basically pocket-sized computers, but you get the idea. At the end of the day, it's all to avoid the possible awkwardness like in this VERY NSFW scene from the movie Ted 2.

Ilya Pavlov
Ilya Pavlov

"Would You Rather?" - the search history edition

Recently, SimpleTexting, which touts itself as "the only all-in-one text messaging service," surveyed over 3,000 Americans about their search history and other aspects of technology. In the survey, they asked participants about certain scenarios, including if they'd rather give up their smartphones, cars, pets, sex, streaming services and more -- all for a year -- than have their search history made public.

According to that survey, nearly 30% of people would give up their smartphone, nearly 70% would give up alcohol (did we just figure out a way to help save those with alcohol dependency?), 40% would say buh-bye to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, and almost 22% would give up their pets! All to keep their search history private!

John Schnobrich
John Schnobrich

Maine and NH are super protective of their search history

Alongside the "Would You Rather?" scenarios, the survey also dives deep into surveying participants state-by-state on exactly how protective they are about their search history. Like in most surveys (although not sure we want to be ranked high on this one) -- New Hampshire and Maine ranked toward the top. In fact, New Hampshire was ranked #1 as the most protective of its search history, with Maine not too far behind at #6. In the entire country.

Which makes one of two points pretty apparent -- we're either super secure and protective human beings, or we Google some seriously messed up stuff. Or both.

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