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Helping disabled children in New England since 2005, Olympic Gold Medalist and 4-Time World Skiing Champion Bode Miller's Turtle Ridge Foundation is facing losses of around $150,000 because of the pandemic.

Our appreciation for your generosity cannot be overstated. Every dollar you give adds up fast! So when you’re going through your day, please ask yourself, can I give up that favorite indulgence today? And instead, donate $5 to give someone an opportunity they themselves can’t afford.

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If you're a New Englander, you most likely know that one of our local heroes, Bode, was born and raised in New Hampshire.

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He and his family created this foundation to give disabled kids opportunities and access to adaptive sports programs and recreational activities of all kinds year-round.

Enter The Turtle Ridge Foundation helping Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country.

One of his biggest fundraisers is coming up on April 2.  It's the wickedly fun and family-friendly Bode Fest Ski Challenge at Cannon Mountain Ski Area in Franconia, New Hampshire.  It hasn't happened since 2019.

You get to hang and ski with Bode, make a VIP Kids Only Ski with Bode possible, and enjoy festivities that include lunch, auctions, races, raffles, and more.

Bode Fest 2019 YouTube
Bode Fest 2019 YouTube

And it's just a $49 donation.  Bode says if that doesn't work for you, even small donations on the Turtle Ridge website are matched, and it all adds up.

The challenge in life for most people is making the conscious decision to do good for others, or do nothing.  It's that choice that defines the individual.


Links to everything are highlighted above in blue, so if you have any questions or want to get involved, then click away.

By the way, thanks to you donating to Turtle Ridge, at the end of 2021, Vermont Adaptive in Killington opened its doors.

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