If there's one thing that's special about Northern New England, it's that nobody supports local businesses like we do.

And if you need proof, you need to look no further than how much Granite Staters and Mainers all stepped up when the pandemic started hitting us hard a few years back and caused not just a lockdown, but also a massive pivot for local restaurants to go from dining-in to curbside pickup and anything in between to stay afloat.

And you have to believe that with that knowledge of how much New Hampshire and Maine residents will step up for local businesses in need, that's exactly what drove this newer Dover, New Hampshire business to reach out for support from customers and the community in general.

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Gallivant in Dover, New Hampshire

Back in mid-February, Gallivant Global Eatery had their soft opening on Central Avenue in downtown Dover, New Hampshire. Ever since, this family-owned restaurant has been filling the stomachs and hearts of local residents, UNH students, and anyone visiting Dover looking for a delicious place to eat.

But, unfortunately, regardless of the support and patronage they've received from the community, it can still be tough for a local business (and especially one that's still in its beginning stages) to thrive and flourish as much as it'd like.

Which led to Gallivant to post a plea on their Facebook page, which was then re-posted to The (un)Official City of Dover, NH page on Facebook by the Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce to help spread the word.

Not only did the staff at Gallivant see a response, with returning and new customers rallying around the business to ensure they become and remain a staple along Central Ave, but in a very rare moment on social media, would-be customers also provided some constructive criticism to truly help (as opposed to tearing down) Gallivant.

I’d love it if you were open after work hours more often. It can be hard to get there during the week.

Comments like the above from Tracey Nygren seemed to be repeated quite often by would-be customers, who are more than willing to support Gallivant. And, to their credit, the staff at Gallivant responded in a very positive way.

Thank you everyone so much for your valuable feedback. We are taking it all into consideration as we move forward into the fall season.

Which didn't go unnoticed by commenter Robert Warach:

Love your willingness to seek and apply feedback from your potential customers. In addition to your unique menu and excellent staff/service, you're definitely doing a lot of things right.

See what can be accomplished when a community works together instead of trying to just poke holes in flaws? Simply amazing. Here's to Gallivant continuing to thrive and grow with the help of the Dover community and even surrounding areas looking for something/somewhere new to try.

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