Golf is having a serious moment! I have noticed that more young people than ever are trying their luck at swinging a club! And what's not to love? It's an excuse to get outside on a beautiful day, cruise around in a snazzy golf cart (unless you prefer to walk and exert your energy), and it's a game you can play well into your golden years (if your rotator cuff holds up, that is)!

Also, let us not forget the fact that golf, for many, is just an excuse to drink outside on a weekday. Golfing and guzzling. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. But some states indulge a little more than others. A website called Pickwise recently conducted a survey where they figured out how many beverages (on average) each state consumed during an 18- hole round of golf.

It will come as no surprise that the Floridian golfers are by far the thirstiest. They consume around 4.8 alcoholic beverages per game. YEESH! Those retirees sure know how to party. Also, it's hot down there. Those golfers must get more parched than we northerners do.

On the other end of the spectrum, good ole Massachusetts is one of the least drunk states, consuming an average of 1.6 beverages per game. Considering an 18-hole round of golf typically takes around 4.5 hours, that's practically golfing sober! Way to go, Mass!

New Hampshire was not as responsible as Mass, but also not too shabby. We consume an average of 2.6 beverages per golf game.

As someone who doesn't golf, I have a very important question. Does drinking strengthen or weaken your golf game? Or is it a fine balance that one must strike? A few drinks allows you to lose your sense of self-doubt and therefore play more confidently. However, too many pops could make you sloppy and less focused. Everything in moderation, my friends (including moderation).

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