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Scrolling through Facebook can do more harm than good sometimes. It feels like news lately is mainly negative and the headlines we see popping up can be disheartening. Social media can make things worse as you see people arguing, ignorant comments being made, and posts that can be discouraging.

So, when we finally see positive posts that make our hearts happy, it’s a big deal. I am a sucker for puppy posts and viral videos of babies giggling or a sunset photo, anything that makes me smile.

A recent post by the Millford Fire Department in New Hampshire put a significant grin on my face.

Millford Firefighters Help Woman in Wheelchair

Local firefighters in New Hampshire brightened up a woman's day over the weekend that put a smile on her face that was even more beautiful than the weather outside.

The department posted on Facebook that they received a call to help a woman go outside.

The woman is in a wheelchair in an apartment that only has stairs. The nurses were unable to push her in and outside without assistance, so they reached out to the fire department for help.

The firefighters came to help and granted the woman the pleasure of being able to spend a beautiful summer day outdoors. It is truly the little things that mean the most and have the largest effect. Just like their post shares, “our job is to help people in need, big or small we are happy to help. The best payment we received is her appreciation and her big beautiful smile.”

This is the type of content, love, and happiness we need!

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