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Isn't he the cutest ever?

I know we say that about all dogs, but right now, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats' new pup is in the because he needs a name. I mean, come on. America's past time AND a Golden Retriever retrieving baseball bats?  I'm in.

Communications Director Tyler Murray says that the latest addition to the 2022 team roster was adopted.

Our bat dog in-training is a rescue from Hero Pups, a New Hampshire-based volunteer organization that provides support dogs to veterans and first responders in New England.


Let's be honest, our new bat dog is everything right now since the loss of our beloved New Hampshire Fisher Cat bat dog, Ollie, in January, 2021.  Ollie served as the Fisher Cats bat dog from 2008 to 2016, then made various appearances until his passing.  Fans absolutely loved him.

You may recall that he passed away peacefully surrounded by so much love and many tributes during the 2021 season.  Here's a link to his memory from the Fisher Cats website.  Yes, grab the tissues for a moment because if you're like me, you're tearing up a bit right now.

Ollie is missed daily, so Fisher Cats President Mike Ramshaw says he's excited to have a new furry friend on the roster and continue what Ollie created.

We're proud to continue the legacy of Ollie the Bat Dog, who provided us so many wonderful memories over the years; he'll always be an important part of the Fisher Cats family.

The Fisher Cats, the double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays in Manchester, New Hampshire in case you're not familiar, is ready for us to name this adorable new Golden Retriever pup before his official appearance in May.

They are choosing between Benny, Casey, and Tucker.

@nhfishercats screen shot via Facebook
@nhfishercats screen shot via Facebook

To vote, click here.  I'm personally for Benny because Benny the Bat Dog has such an adorable ring to it.  Then again, he's a big, fluffy, smiley, tail-wagging Golden so anything is adorable.

Which name are you voting for?

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