Volunteer NH Gives Spirit of New Hampshire Awards

Plymouth State University must have a robust program to have two of its students honored with a Spirit of New Hampshire Awards, according to newburyportnews.com.

The article states that these awards are given out each year by Volunteer NH, a non-profit organization that encourages volunteerism and service and supports training and programs throughout communities in New Hampshire to help those in need.

Madison Hawkes and Alyssa Griffin Awarded a Spirit of New Hampshire Award

Madison Hawkes and Alyssa Griffin both earned recognition from Volunteer NH, according to the article.

Newburyport News even reported on some of Hawkes' volunteer efforts, including that she volunteers more than 40 hours a month and is a ResearchHers Ambassador and fundraises for the American Cancer Society.


It's great to see New Hampshire is a state filled with people with big hearts that just get things done!

Congratulations to both girls for achieving this prestigious award.  They are a shining example for their school and community.

Congratulations to Madison and Alyssa. Let's celebrate your big hearts

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