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When a woman from Massachusetts got on The Price is Right and won a trip from Los Angeles to New Hampshire, it almost seemed like a joke. Your dream of getting on the longest-running game show, now in its 50th season came true, and all you really had to show for it was a trip to a place that you live an hour away from and have visited more times than you can count.

Well, the State of New Hampshire felt bad and decided to step in and do something about it.

In case you missed it, Catherine Graham was one of the first four contestants to come on down on the February 1 episode of "The Price is Right." She got up on stage to play the last pricing game of the day and was excited to hear what she was going to play for in the game Side by Side. She couldn't help but laugh when they revealed with great fanfare that she was playing for a trip to "Beautiful New Hampshire!"

Big deal right?

Well according to People, Chamber of Commerces across the state of New Hampshire got together to offer Catherine an "upgrade" to her trip to Concord, because let's be honest. Concord, New Hampshire really isn't much of a travel destination even if you aren't from Massachusetts.

In total, they came up with $6500 of add ons for Catherine's trip next door. Here's a list of just some of the things they offered:

  • Canobie Lake Park tickets
  • Pat's Peak Ski Area tickets
  • Tickets to the Great Bay Food Truck Festival
  • Meals at five different New Hampshire restaurants
  • Movie tickets and popcorn at Red River Theaters
  • Throwing out the first pitch for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats

This is all very generous, but let's be brutally honest here. It's New Hampshire. Maine at least has a coastline going for it that isn't only 18 miles long like New Hampshire's. It is not exactly a dream vacation as you'd expect from The Price is Right. In fact, The Price is Right rarely offered trips to New England until Drew Carey became host. Now they're more commonplace mostly because they're cheaper and help them stay within their budget.

So congratulations again Catherine on your upgrade, which is really generous, but still not Tahiti.

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