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Oh, you're going to love this. Well, maybe.

Realtor continually releases a list of the top 20 hottest housing markets in the United States..  Realtor defines a "market" as a metropolitan area as a city with suburbs, outlying towns, and neighborhoods.

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Now are you ready for this?  According to House Digest, for the first time since Realtor started compiling these lists six years ago in 2016, not a single city listed in the top 20 is in California, which has the highest population in the country and is always tops for the hottest housing markets.

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Welcome to the show, New Hampshire, as the new hottest housing market in the entire country. It doesn't just have the top spot, but the top two.

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Manchester comes in at #1 and Concord #2 for the hottest real estate markets in the entire country.

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And this isn't a first for these cities. Try 11 out of the past 13 months. So, it's definitely more than just a random moment.

If you want to live in Manchester, chances are the home you want will only last an average of eight days on the market, while in Concord it's two weeks.  This is even with homes at 6% above the national average, according to Realtor.  By the way, the average cost of a home in the United States is $425,000, and around $760,000 in Boston.

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Speaking of Boston, Realtor says Manchester's located around an hour or so to Boston, and Concord is just about 10 minutes more than that. So, that definitely plays a role in this, whether it's for the commute or proximity to a large city. It's also fairly close to the New Hampshire lakes, beaches, and mountains.

And let's not forgot that even if New Hampshire has some of the highest property taxes in the country, it doesn't have state income tax or sales tax.

Just, wow, right?

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