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Honestly, the spelling and pronunciation of some of our New England towns just downright confuses my brain. Where's the logic in spelling a place like "Gloucester", for example, if we're supposed to pretend that some of the letters just don't exist?

We all know of local towns with names challenging to pronounce, but I didn't realize that some out-of-staters could view an entire state's name as a tongue-twister in itself.

It's not that these people don't know how the name is supposed to sound, but rather that our brains' commands don't always align with the gibberish that ends up coming out.

In this hilarious viral Tik Tok, a New Jersey teacher (My Teacher Face) got a front row seat to such a struggle as she watched a student repeatedly try to pronounce the word 'Massachusetts'.

What came out instead was, well, not that.

I genuinely appreciate the student's dedication to nailing the pronunciation, plus the teacher's infectious enthusiasm while helping out (quick shoutout to her and all the other teachers out there, by the way, for killing it during this pandemic).

We often take for granted having the inside scoop on proper town pronunciations as New England residents. Sometimes the tables turn, though, as it did for these UMass students when asked to pronounce the names of Long Island towns.

As this video proves, words can be hard, and we all struggle in our own ways. So, next time your out-of-state friend refers to Worchester as "War-chester", try to go easy on them (but still laugh at them a little cause hey, that's what friends are for).

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