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Friday’s expected 8-12 inches of snow may stop you from finding your way to the gym this weekend, but it doesn’t need to stop you from getting lost in the woods and getting your body moving.

Hiking Newmarket, New Hampshire's Heron Point

Thankfully, Newmarket, New Hampshire's “Heron Point” makes it a bit easier for those looking to get moving in the beauty of a snowstorm.

Directly across from Newmarket’s downtown, Heron Point is a 32-acre sanctuary open to the public. The sanctuary is quiet. You almost feel guilty breaking up the peace with words.

Within the quiet land lays a 1.2-mile wooded walking loop that runs along the Lamprey River. The walking trail is rated easy and gives the Seacoast community a brief feel for the White Mountains closer to home.

The surrounding pine trees hold snow well, fully immersing you in New Hampshire’s winter beauty.


Directions for Newmarket, New Hampshire's Heron Point

The trail head starts down a maintained dirt road connected to Lamprey River Trailer Park. Once in the trailer park, a sign for “Heron Point Sanctuary” leads you down a dead-end dirt road. At the end of the dirt road you will see a newly created boardwalk overlooking the quaint downtown of Newmarket.

The boardwalk is only the start of the spectacular winter views. The trail entails a waterfall and often numerous birds found only in a silent sanctuary like Heron Point.

Activities for After Newmarket, New Hampshire's Heron Point

End your Heron Point walk, trail run, or cross-country ski with a stop at one of 15+ bars/restaurants in Newmarket’s downtown - just a half-mile away from the trail.

Per usual, I would suggest treating yourself to a local craft beer after Heron Point. My go-to would be a stop at Deciduous Brewery followed by some “no-face fries” from the Oak House.

Getting outside during or after a snowstorm may seem daunting. Thankfully, New England’s beauty is our playground, our gym, and often our therapist.

Sometimes all it takes for a physical and mental refresh is a few minutes dedicated to reconnecting with the world around us.

Get outside and get moving friends! Cheers.

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