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What a strange winter in New England. It seemed to work in stops and starts and it ended up being a 'never was' season, as in, it never was what it was supposed to be. Nor'easters that leaked out into the ocean, snowstorms turned rain storms and a January as mild as we've had in decades. So, as winter comes to a close this weekend, it appears spring is going to move into Maine and New Hampshire in a far more consistent fashion.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche. the long range forecast promises a wonderful stretch over the next 5-10 days, featuring several mostly sunny days with temperatures that will sit in the 50's with some places seeing 60's. If you're on the coast, you'll probably get the cooler but inland, it might be time to do more than stare at that pair of shorts you've really been wanting to put on.

Shared on Twitter by Ryan Breton, the great news is that this warmer weather should arrive as soon as Saturday. Sunday through next Wednesday looks extremely comfortable, with almost no cloud cover and absolutely no precipitation in the forecast. Next Thursday could end up being a real bonanza for most of the state, as everyone could see 60 degree weather if the clouds hold off or dissipate.

After a lost year for so many in 2020, starting spring 2021 with a lengthy warm stretch is going to be welcomed with open arms by most. So use a vacation day or two and savor some sun and spring will arrive in style this weekend.

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