The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department issued a thin ice warning after a series of mishaps last weekend, including an incident in Somersworth that left one skater in a perilous situation.

According to WMUR, William Rogers was skating on the Salmon Falls River in Somersworth when he entered a patch of thin ice that collapsed beneath his weight. The news station noted that he struggled for several minutes, attempting to emerge from the frigid waters before he succumbed to early stages of hypothermia.

Unable to use his mobile phone or signal for help, Rogers instinctively remembered his Apple Watch, which was still above water, WMUR stated.

The experienced skater placed an emergency 911 call, and the Somersworth Fire Department was on the scene within five minutes, according to the news station.

Rogers told the news station that he attributes his rescue to his ability to remain calm, his Apple Watch, and the quick response of the fire department.

Agents within the Fish and Game Department, as well as the Fire Department recommend extreme caution when stepping onto the ice during this time of year, especially over rivers.

“It’s just really a dangerous situation getting on the ice and like I said, at this point, no ice is safe,” Somersworth Fire Chief George Kramlinger told WMUR.

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