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There's a new Sheriff in town!  She's cute, soft, cuddly, and unlike any member of the Strafford County Sheriff's office.

Meet the newest member of the squad, this 10 week old little black cutie pup.  She's working hard with Hero Pups, training to become the first comfort dog on the team.

Comfort dogs, according to Strafford County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, are used to "offer comfort to people dealing with all kinds of stressful situations, including courtroom testimonies, forensic interviews, domestic violence, mental health situations, assistance in schools, and even officer wellness."

Hero Pups is a non-profit group dependent solely on volunteers.  Heropups.com says the charity provides support dogs to veterans and first responders in New England, so it's a home-grown effort.  There are no paid employees, only Good Samaritans who care a whole lot about people and dogs.

The Hero Pups are often placed with police departments because they have the greatest need when walking into stressful situations, and the dogs can actually de-escalate these situations.

Heropups.com also says the comfort dog program is focused on New Hampshire, with pups in police departments like Concord, Manchester, Claremont, Hudson, the University of New Hampshire, and now Strafford.  However, they share "best practices" with other states who want to start a similar program.

As you can imagine, Hero Pups has been a wildly successful endeavor.

In Stafford, Deputy Katie O'Brien will be the comfort dog handler, and posts from the Facebook announcement give Deputy O'Brien high marks for the job.

The team still has one problem to solve, however: this cute little pup doesn't have a name yet. That's where you come in.

Click on this link and vote for one of the three names on the survey for this sweet girl.


Can you resist those big eyes? Me neither.

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