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New Hampshire has many places to walk and explore off the beaten path. Of course, while walking "in the middle of the forest," you may happen to come across some old things such as wells, parts of older buildings, or any other signs of previous human habitation.

New England is not new to supernatural sightings. There have been many paranormal sightings over the years as well as alien sightings. Ghosts are one thing but do you believe that there could be something with darker intentions lingering in some forests in New England?

A Tiktoker from New Hampshire named Brett Taro recently visited the "middle of the forest" in Jaffrey, NH. What he came across could be a bit disturbing.

Brett posted a video of a dark pit that he stumbled upon. The pit had a ladder that was placed inside and strange noises, like growls, were being made at the bottom of the pit/well.

Not going to lie, the sounds coming from the old well are pretty creepy. However, Brett's TikTok profile leads viewers to believe that he enjoys "New England Horror 💀." This begs the question, are these sounds fake? TikTok is known for integrated sound effects, could this be one of them?

Real or fake, Brett decided to take it even further and ended up posting two more videos.

Brett decided to go down the ladder. That's right, he purposely went down the well where those demonic sounds were coming up from. Of course, when he got down the ladder nothing was there, but Brett explains that it could have escaped another way down there.

Not only did Brett decide to go down that well, but he also found another one in which he chose to go down. In this second pit, we do not hear any of the strange noises like the first one but inside there was a lot more to find.

The second pit had multiple spider eggs, but what really got me was what I had seen in the comments. Many people claim to see a face looking up from the bottom of the hole before Brett decides to go down. Honestly, I do not see anything, and I've watched the video quite a few times. Could this be their imagination? Is something hanging around in the bottom of pits in the middle of a forest in Jeffrey, NH?

The only real way to find out is to actually go in person. Brett mentions setting up a camera in one of the pits, so maybe we will see more videos in the future.

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