Officials announced on Monday that New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed six bills into law last week, and one of them has to do with the microblading of eyebrows.

Microblading is commonly known as a semi-permanent tattoo for eyebrows.

According to the website for Million Dollar Brows in Hampton Falls, microblading is also known as 6D eyebrows or eyebrow embroidery. It is a semi-permanent technique that is used to create the appearance of fuller eyebrows.

"You can expect a beautifully bold brow from this method," is posted on the website.

Microshading, the little sister of microblading, leaves small pinpoint dots that will last from one to three years with maintenance, according to the website.

These treatments are not cheap.

Microblading at Million Dollar Brows is a three-hour service and the prices start at $600.

Perma Cosmetics in Hampton also offers microblade eyebrow services. The price for the initial session is $450.

What is this new law?

HB 70 makes it unlawful for any person who is not licensed to perform the microblading of eyebrows to do so unless that person has a current license to practice as a cosmetologist or an esthetician under RSA 313-A and has been issued a certificate.

The bill's sponsor, State Rep. Carol McGuire, R-Merrimack, said on Monday afternoon that she got behind the legislation following the request of a former administrator for the New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology and Esthetics. They were interested in having cosmetologists perform this work.

"Right now, under current law, it is considered tattooing and you need a full-scale tattoo artist license which takes a one- to two-year apprenticeship," McGuire said.

McGuire said she also heard from a salon owner in Manchester who told her that the procedure is popular with people who have lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy cancer treatments.

McGuire explained how the licensing will work.

"Basically, what it does is it says that the cosmetologist or esthetician can attend a course and take a test approved by the body art board, which does tattoos, and then they can do microblading," McGuire said.

The law shall take effect on July 1.

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