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It’s Back!

The first New England Tattoo Expo was in early March of 2020. One of the last big New England events before the world as we knew it changed. In 2021 the expo was skipped but for 2022, it’s back and even better!

The Expo is once again happening at the beautiful Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. The event is three days long; April 1st from 4pm until 11 pm, April 2nd noon until 11 pm, and April 3rd, noon until 8pm.

Once again there are a ton of artists you know and love and fantastic entertainment.


If you’re a fan of the reality competition show Ink Master, you’ll get to see Ashley Velazquez from season 7, Fame from season 10, Holli Marie from season 12, Jordi Pla and K Lenore Siner from season 13, as well as Ink Master judge Chris Nunez. There are dozens of artists that will be there from tattoo magazines, global conventions, and more.


In addition to the artists and the ink, there’s a ton of entertainment. Check out Doctor Finnegan’s Circus providing sideshow-style entertainment with iconic acts such as sword swallowing and bed of nails.

Continuing with the sideshow entertainment is The Freakshow Deluxe.

There’s also a pin-up pageant, a suspension act, roller derby, a contortionist, and live music. See all the entertainment happening at the expo here.

Tattoo Contests

There are tons of tattoo contests going on through the weekend with a bunch of different categories. Categories include arm/leg sleeve, back/chest piece, best portrait, most realistic, best overall male and female, and a ton more. Think you have one of the best tats out there? See the full list of categories and rules here.

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