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Not going to lie, I find it very amusing when I try to get people (not from New England) to pronounce towns and cities in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Yes, there are some easy town names to pronounce like "Portland" and "Boston". I mean everyone knows those, but some other city and town names outsiders just do not seem to comprehend.

Trust me, I have even fallen victim to mispronouncing a place. Let's be real, some town names are long in length and I just have no idea how to correctly pronounce them, even when I try to sound them out.

This is not just a thing in New England obviously, no matter where you go you are bound to see a sign for a place that you have no idea how to correctly pronounce.

Best Life found out which small towns in the United States are total tongue twisters, and it seems that only one New England town made the list. Not going to lie, I think it is crazy that only one made the list as I hear people mispronounce many towns in New England on a daily basis.

The only New England town to make the list was Worchester, MA. Granted I have heard this mispronounced frequently as "Wore-chess-ter," but I am still baffled that it is the only New England town on the list.

Worcester, MA, actually came in at #4 out of the top 15 towns most commonly mispronounced. In case you need the correct pronunciation (which I am sure you do not), it's "Wuss-ter" unless you want to pronounce it with our lovely accent, then it's "Wuss-tah."

Keep scrolling to see some of the most commonly mispronounced places in New England, even if they didn't make the Best Life list.

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