Have you heard of The Working Dog Foundation?

It's an organization that helps train police K-9 teams from New Hampshire and Maine.

Thanks to an anonymous someone, this foundation just received a big donation.

So what is the donation?

It's a brand new 2022 Cargo Express utility trailer. This means so much to the foundation, according to trainer John Usher in a press release from The Working Dog Foundation, because traveling is such a big part of the training process.

“We provide training and equipment for law enforcement organizations in smaller communities, so this donation will allow us to continue to provide the best-in-class training for our K-9’s and their human partners."

Traveling around New Hampshire and Maine is essential in training, and of course, that requires tons of equipment as well as storage. And the number of K-9 teams is growing.

The WDF is known for maintaining high-quality K-9 programs through locating and placing qualified dogs, training them, then testing and certifying police dogs and their handlers, according to their website.

The reason the traveling is so important, Usher says, is that experiencing a variety of interior and exterior environments results in a more well-rounded team and stronger connection between the dog and his or her human.

Usher says this generous donation will allow the WDF to travel with even more training equipment as more teams are out and about at the same time.  It also means that they have a new equipment storage space for secure storage.

If you want more information about The Working Dog Foundation, click here.

Otherwise, check out more great pics of some K-9s:

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