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Janet Mills requiring vaccination of health care workers

It's been a few weeks since Maine Governor Janet Mills announced a required mandate for all health care workers to be vaccinated, and to this day it's still a hotly debated topic. Since originally announcing the requirement of health care workers, the deadline has been pushed back to October 29, 2021.

According to Maine.gov, directly coinciding with this mandate is the distribution of $146 million in state and federal funds to long-term care facilities and hospitals for the retention and hiring of employees.

Petition to impeach Janet Mills

One Mainer has decided she had had enough with the administration in Maine and about a year ago, she created an online petition to impeach Governor Mills. Since its publication, North Berwick resident Jessica Rainville's petition has picked up a ton of traction and gone viral over the last few weeks, with over 37,000 Mainers electronically signing the petition.

Jessica credits the creation of the online petition to being "an upset citizen that doesn't know where/when we draw the line." She goes into more detail on the actual petition website.

"We need to stop Governor Mills from holding the lives of Mainers in jeopardy for federal funding. The longer she keeps us from working, the longer we are shut down, the more money she can get for bailouts. IT IS NOT OKAY TO DO THIS TO US. She has already caused enough damage, it’s time to speak out; let her know we hold her accountable for her poor use of the 'Rainy Day Fund' and that our livelihoods are not a bargaining chip."

Jessica said that based on Governor Mills' comments, actions, and mandates, that she seemingly "would rather see our people on Welfare funded by federal money than to allow us to decide whether or not we feel safe leaving our homes."

And, as of this writing, 37,353 Mainers are in agreement with all that Jessica brings up on the petition's website not only through their signatures but also their comments posted on the petition.

"I am a nurse and an American who values the freedoms fought for by so many. I refuse to give them away." - Tammy Jost, Bradford


"I believe in the right to choose what goes into my body!!!!" - Sue Andrews, Lisbon


"I believe in the right to make informed decisions about yourself. Government needs to stay in their lane. Spend your time balancing the budget or something." - Suzanne Jordan, Saco


Governor Mills has overstepped the limits of her authority too many times via "emergency powers". The legislative branch will not do their job and stand up to this tyrannical woman. She needs to go and as soon as possible." - Daniel Tanguay, Lewiston


"People need to get to work. No more free money. Able body people living in luxury." - Arlene Crane, Tenants Harbor

Jessica said she's currently in talks with her local representative to figure out what can be done, as she knows the online petition can't and won't do anything by itself. She's also encouraging people to reach out to their local reps with what they'd like to see happen as well.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Jessica's petition and the views of the Mainers that have commented, it's good to see people stand up for what they believe and their rights in a constructive manner, rather than just some incendiary social media post which does nothing but seemingly causes and spreads hate and arguments.

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