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Fortnite is still as popular as ever

It's hard to believe it's already been a handful of years since Fortnite was released, but the game dropped five years ago back in 2017 and is still insanely popular. In fact, according to Techa Cake, last month anywhere between 3-4 million people played the game daily and the game has more then 350 million registered users.

Celebrities play Fortnite, too

The celebrity involvement with Fortnite has been absolutely insane. In fact, as late as last summer (August 2021, to be exact), pop star Ariana Grande became involved with the game and actually put on a concert inside of the game!

And according to Ranker, celebrities from all different genres and ages play the game, including rapper Drake, singer Joe Jonas -- even comedian and actress Roseanne Barr! Multiple celebrities have also allowed their likeness to be portrayed in the game as well as a character skin, with one of the more recent A-list celebrities do to this being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock appeared in the game just two months ago as part of a chapter-ending storyline, according to Thirsty for News.

John Cena's cryptic Instagram post may be Fortnite-related

That brings us to a post that New England-born-and-raised A-lister, John Cena, tossed up on his Instagram page a few days ago. No words, no caption with the post, simply just a space-like picture and that's all.

Instantly, the comments section blew up on the post with many people assuming it's a tip of the cap to some kind of involvement with John in Fortnite. Currently, John is hyping up his HBO Max streaming show, Peacemaker, and has made multiple appearances dressed as the character from head-to-toe.

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It's not known whether or not John will physically appear in a chapter storyline like The Rock did back in December or if he's just lending his likeness to the game to be used as a character skin -- and it's also not known if John will be appearing as regular old John Cena, as WWE wrestler and former 16-time World Champion John Cena, or as Peacemaker, but one thing is for sure.

With the amount of young fans that John has, the Fortnite universe is about to get a dose of hustle, loyalty, and respect from the leader of the Cenation.

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