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The New England-New York rivalries are truly endless.

Red Sox-Yankees. Patriots-Jets. Bruins-Rangers. And apparently…hot dog rolls vs. hot dog rolls, at least according to the great Paul Reiser.

“I used to spend my summers in New Hampshire,” said the Mad About You and Stranger Things star ahead of upcoming standup appearances in Manchester and Lebanon. “As a kid, I used to go to summer camp in Bristol.”

But it wasn’t the scenery or serenity that stuck with Reiser the most.

“As a kid coming from New York, I remember being thrown that the hot dog rolls are square and flat. Somewhere between New York and New Hampshire, they made a decision that they won’t be round, but sort of flat on the edge."

“I liked it, but I was thrown,” he adds. “(It was) like a lobster roll kind of thing. It’s like, all right, if that’ what you wanna do, you can do it. But, it’s just a little wrong.”

Reiser’s extensive filmography also includes the sci-fi classic Aliens. And while New Hampshire is something of a hot bed when it comes to UFOs, Reiser isn’t as concerned as some about a recent string of sightings over New England and the U.S.

“I don’t get worried,” says the one-time Carter Burke. “A balloon is not a UFO. And we know what it was, it was a balloon, with a camera from China. We should be worried for other reasons, but not because of aliens.”

In his very Paul Reiser way, he also cautioned those hoping we discover an alien life form. “What if another civilization came, met you all, and went – ‘Yeah, no, we’re gonna stay where we are’?”

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