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I am ready to be a pet mom but I’m not ready for the emotional turmoil if anything ever happened to my fur baby.

A family in Alna, Maine, experienced that fear over the weekend when they were faced with the terror of almost losing their dog when it fell through the ice at a local pond. I can only imagine the emotions that raced through them as they frantically tried to rescue their loved one.

Whether I’m a mom to a child or a pet, I know I will be a helicopter parent. This scenario would send me right over the edge.

Dog Rescued in Alna, Maine

Nearby neighbors with the help of the Alna Fire Department rescued the dog within 20 minutes, thankfully getting the dog out before it was harmed by the freezing cold waters.

As shared by WMTW, 10 firefighters and two fire trucks responded to the scene and they were able to rescue the dog before it was too late.

That is an absolute horror scene; those minutes that drag by slowly as you’re trying to rescue the dog knowing time is running out. I am so glad this story ends on a positive note. As the article shared, the dog was moving slowly afterward but was able to get back to its home on its own.

I’m sure the dog was shaken after but was warmed up at home with lots of love. That is one scenario I hope to never experience with my furry loved ones!

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