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For many years now, one of the most popular brunch spots in all of New England has been a quirky and fun restaurant known as The Friendly Toast. Founded in 1994, the brunch-all-day stop has been growing over the last 25 years to include additional locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. But what about Maine? Those that have waited patiently won't have to wait much longer ,as The Friendly Toast has put plans in motion to finally open a restaurant in Vacationland.

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According to Portland Food Map, The Friendly Toast will be taking over the vacated space at 411 Fore Street in Portland left behind by Sebago Brewing Company. They'll join a busy group of restaurants in that area of the Old Port including Eventide, Duckfat, and The Honey Paw. That section of the Old Port is a haven for restaurants thanks to additional hotels that have been built in recent years.

If you haven't had a chance to visit The Friendly Toast, the atmosphere may feel similar to the longtime Portland favorite, Silly's. Bright colors and decorations abound all through their restaurants and unlike many other stuffy brunch spots, The Friendly Toast often feels like a party at 9am. Their menu is filled with creative signature brunch dishes and cocktails, including their breakfast tacos and wake-me-up dreamsicle drink.

Two questions abound as The Friendly Toast ventures into Maine for the very first time. One, it remains to be seen whether the Portland location will operate like the Portsmouth location with shorter hours or the Back Bay, Massachusetts location with extended hours. Two, when can we expect The Friendly Toast to open? As of this writing, there's no timetable.

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