There's a solid chance that from now on, any time I look at the Christmas Tree in Monument Square in Portland, I'm going to burst out laughing and remember this blooper.

WGME's Lauren Healy posted a news blooper on Sunday night.

I'm not sure exactly what prompted this -- maybe it was just the fact that we're fully into Christmas gear and embracing the Christmas Spirit now that we've gotten through the Thanksgiving Holiday and have officially started Christmas shopping, but WGME news anchor Lauren Healy gave us a true treat last night.

While covering a story about the Christmas tree in Monument Square, Lauren expected video to be shown while she was talking of the actual tree, not a random video of a Christmas tree going up in flames, but the latter is what we all saw.

Honestly, major props to Lauren for keeping it as together as possible on live television. Many other anchors may have been completely thrown off and not only lost control of their laughter, but also of the story they were trying to report on.

But after allowing herself to indulge in a quick chuckle, she was able to move on and complete the story, eventually seeing the actual video of the Monument Square tree she expected to see the entire time.

And don't worry, the Monument Square Christmas tree is absolutely 100% fine and definitely not on fire, as evidenced by this video taken earlier this morning...

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