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Portsmouth party people and beer enthusiasts, I have news for you. There is a new nano-brewery coming to town, and it is a good one.

Modestman Brewing started out of Keene, New Hampshire, with one man on a mission.

According to the Modesman Brewing website, "We work within the trends of the industry without compromising our identity and integrity," said owner Ash Sheehan. "We appreciate European style brewing and respect old world traditions."

Just to put the beers into context and provide a personal side... I buy at least one or two four packs of Modestman a week. Seriously. Just take a look at how cloudy and deliciously citrusy this one looks.

Nearly all of the beers (specifically the IPAs) that Ash and Modestman Brewing produce have an incredible aroma, wonderfully fruity tastes and citrus nodes, and often a nice haze or cloudiness. The Brewery does offer all kinds of beers, from IPAs to sours and even Kolschs. Below is one of my favorites, a NEIPA called the Stimulus Plan.

Perhaps I should mention that it is not just me who loves Modestman. After all, New Hampshire Magazine named Modestman "Best of NH 2022 winner in the Readers’ Poll for Best Brewery Monadnock Region."

*They also won in 2021*

What does all of this mean for those on the Seacoast? Well, instead of driving out west to access this incredible beer, and in replacement of the cans from select local stores, very soon you will be able to drink some of my favorite (and New Hampshire's best) beers out of the tap right here in Portsmouth, NH.

That's right, Modestman is expanding into the West End Yards complex on Route 1.

I for one am freaking out with excitement.

According to the Facebook page, "MM EAST will be a satellite tasting room with a seating/serving capacity of over 200, we will have an outside Biergarten, an inside beer hall offering progressive food, event space, live music, amble parking, and more!"

We should all read that twice because WOW. What more could you want in a brewery? I originally thought it might go into the West End Yards; however, the plan is for the brewery to go into the one-story building just to the right of the West End Yards larger structure.

That is a pretty big space for a nano-brewery...super exciting.

The opening date has not been set; however, the goal is to open in 2022, according to Modestman's Facebook page. I for one will be at the opening day, and perhaps every day after.

Is Portsmouth, NH, officially on the beer map? If not before, I think we're about to be now.

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