To those who say Portsmouth needs to get back to its cultural roots, good news: the city wants to hear from you. In fact, town officials have even created a survey for residents and locals to fill out to assist in updating its official Cultural Plan.

In a Facebook post, Portsmouth City Hall wrote:

“What are the city’s cultural strengths? What areas could use some attention? What other arts/cultural/history programming would you like to see and hear in Portsmouth?


We want to hear from as many people as possible, so please fill out the survey -- it takes just 20 min. You might win one of several prizes supplied by local arts venues and restaurants.”

The survey, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and will remain open until August 29, 2023, can be found here. And there’s more...

All who participate are automatically entered to win tickets to:

  • The Seacoast Reparatory Theater
  • The Music Hall
  • All-inclusive tickets to the Portsmouth Historical Society (which include a walking tour)
  • A 2024 Partner Level Season Pass gift certificate to the Prescott Park Arts Festival
  • A gift card to either Rosa’s or Martingale Wharf

All responses will be kept confidential.

In its mission statement on the survey, the town states:

“The City of Portsmouth is working to develop a Cultural Plan (last written in 2001) that will serve as a blueprint for preserving, supporting, and expanding arts, cultural, and historic venues, activities, and initiatives for the foreseeable future. This Cultural Plan is being created now so it can be incorporated into the City’s next Master Plan effort, starting in 2024.”

Finally, good news for people who want to pitch a location for a brand-new Whale Wall.

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