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Ya know, I must be a true New Englander because as New Hampshire continues to get big recognition and success, the less I want to tell the world about it.  It's gotta be because of my Yankee roots.  (In location only - not in baseball.)

This Film Company Had Another Big Success Recently

Last night was a big night for Live Free or Die Films in Portsmouth.  The film company who also had great success for "Knives Out" worked on the movie "Sound of Metal" which was nominated for 6 Oscars last night and won one of them.  It was the most appropriate award since the movie is about a metal drummer who is losing his hearing.  The movie won for .... Best Sound, according to deadline.com. 

Where Are Live Free or Die Films Located?

Chris Stinson and his partner Amy Greene run Live Free or Die Films with offices in Portsmouth, NH, Boston and L.A.  They like their offices by location, in that order.  Okay, maybe not, but I'm putting words in their mouths.

Would You Recommend the Sound of Metal?

If you haven't seen the Sound of Metal, I highly recommend it, yes.  It was primarily filmed in Massachusetts with some scenes here in NH.  Definitely gets a big thumbs UP from me, but I will admit, I wasn't sure I would stick with it because of the very first scene.

Without giving anything away, the first scene, before you know what's going on, shows a drummer sitting at a kit, at a gig.  You hear very loud, metal music, a screaming vocalist which turns out to be his girlfriend, then, he starts to go crazy on the drums!  You don't know yet that he is losing his hearing and will soon be completely deaf.  I almost checked out.  I admit, I like all kinds of music, but Metal is not for me.  Turns out, the movie isn't about metal music at all.  I loved it.

Congratulations to Chris, Amy and everyone who worked on the movie.  It's really beautiful.

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