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Pipe Dream Brewing

One of Londonderry’s most laid-back and chill breweries, Pipe Dream Brewing, boasts positive and chill West Coast vibes here on the East Coast. The colorful spot hosts themed parties, offers live music, a tasting room, beer tours, delicious and classic pub grub, and games to keep you entertained every time you walk through the doors.

I am a beer connoisseur and I frequent many of the breweries around town here in Portland and I have got to say that Pipe Dream Brewing has some of the most unique beers I have seen at a local brew joint. They have wildly special tastes, names, and designs like their “Basic Bitch” beer, donut stouts, and Straight Outta Quarantine NEIPA.

Wicked Stupid Putin

You don’t even need context for that headline. He is, simply put, wicked stupid Putin. That’s just a fact.

Pipe Dream is taking a creative angle with headlines and unfortunate current events and created a limited beer release called “Wicked Stupid Putin” with a can designed to look like a newspaper by “News Daily”.

The limited beer is a Ukrainian Imperial Pastry Stout that apparently tastes like a glazed cinnamon roll. I’m not usually quick to jump on a stout, but you had me at “Stupid Putin” and sold me at “cinnamon roll”.

As their Instagram states, $1 from every 12oz pour and 4-pack sold will be donated to Sunflower of Peace which is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help Ukrainians and provide medical and humanitarian aid.

As if you needed an excuse to drink beer this week, now it’s almost your civic duty to go pound some stouts. If you’re going to brew, brew for a good cause.

Sunflower of Peace

The non-profit that Pipe Dream is donating to is a Boston-based organization that’s collaborating with established organizations and institutions around the world working to provide financial, medical, and humanitarian support to Ukraine in this tragic situation.

Their fundraisers have provided first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival for those in Ukraine.

If you’ve been wondering what role you play and what you can do to help, organizations like these provide an easy way to get involved and make the difference that you can.

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