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We have all experienced the feeling of planning out a sports game just to find out your $50 tickets were really going to lead up to a $500 day.


You know what I mean. You see that tickets for the Red Sox are only $50. Then the fees amount to an additional $49. Then you think about the gas to get to and from the game: $100. Then the parking: $60. Then a few beers: $14 x 3 = $42. Plus lunch, souvenirs, and of course tipping along the way...

All of a sudden, your $50 tickets lead to a bank account-draining afternoon.

Well, a recent study showed which NFL teams were the most expensive. No, not for the team (per se), but the fans.

In other words, the study revealed which NFL teams were the most expensive to support.

Well, what goes into a study like this? Think of the must-have things at a football game:

1. A ticket - you need to get into the stadium.

2. Parking - unlike TD Garden, there is no train station going in and out of Gillette Stadium. Even if there was a train, people would still drive, park, and tailgate on their own.

3. Price of a 16 ounce beer - speaking of tailgating, the majority of people at sporting events drink beer. No, not everyone drinks; however, it is crucial to add this piece for the majority of sports spectators.

4. Price of a hot dog  - I think this one was thrown is as a representation of any food. They probably could have used nachos, burger, cotton candy, anything. But one indicator of food prices will be needed to calculate how expensive it is to go to a game.

The results are below:

It turns out that our beloved New England Patriots are the third most expensive team to love in the NFL.

I was very surprised to see the North Carolina Panthers in the top five. At any rate, will these prices stop us from loving the game, stadium, and energy of a live Patriots game? Likely not.

Go Pats!

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