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I have written in the past about the discovery of some rare blue lobsters, but I have never seen a yellow one.

Marley Babb, a Tenants Harbor lobsterman caught this special fellow off the coast of Maine according to newscentermaine.com. The lobster is so special that Babb contacted the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

The University of New England has been sharing a grant with the Maine Department of Resources and it was decided that the University of New England will house Banana, the yellow lobster, on their Biddeford campus.

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Of course, the name would be Banana. The University of New England and the Maine Department of Resources is using the grant from the National Science Foundation to study the impact of global warming on the Gulf of Maine and specific on lobster larvae. Could they discover global warming will change the color of lobsters? 

It remains a mystery. According to newscentermaine.com, the odds of finding a banana yellow lobster is one in 30 million.

The cute crustacean is lucky to have a home and not be destined for the lobster pot. As for Marley Babb, the lobsterman who caught Banana, I would rush out and buy a lottery ticket. Looks like a pretty rare event and maybe that luck is still active. Banana doesn’t even look like a lobster to me, the yellow crustacean looks like a really wicked hornet or bee of some sort. Something I would not want to step on in the ocean.

Congrats to Marley Babb and the Biddeford Campus of the University of New England for scoring a one in 30 million catch.

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