Back in October, Adam Sandler performed in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, and I'm still not over the pure magic that happened on that stage.

The show was the perfect mix of touching moments, raunchy humor, and the clever songs that make the Sandman the unique comedian we know and love. I laughed, cried, and might have peed in my pants a little because I didn't want to run to the bathroom and miss a single minute of this magic.

Highlights included:

  • The entire SNHU arena singing "happy birthday" to Adam's mom, Judy, who was in the crowd.
  • Listening to Adam talk about personal/intimate times with his wife and then apologize to his mom after.
  • Adam signing spontaneous songs to people in the crowd, including roasting a newly married couple and calling out a dude who came alone.
  • A surprise cameo from the San Man's pal Rob Schneider during the song "Station 69".
  • When he sang a song about hating selfies before proceeding to take a selfie with the entire crowd.
  • When he said "if you're in need of dentist go see my sister!" She's gonna get a lot of calls on Monday.
  • His touching tribute song to his father about how he will always be his hero.
  • When he closed the show with "I Wanna Grow Old with You" which is the song Steven and I had our first dance to at our wedding (I may have ugly cried).

I also loved all of the local places he gave love to throughout the show. Some of the businesses are no longer around, but some are still kicking!

The Puritan Backroom

Puritan Backroom via Facebook
Puritan Backroom via Facebook

The Sanman worked there back in the day, and joked about being a terrible employee. Rumor has it that he and Rob Schneider stopped in on Saturday for lunch before the show.

Daddy's Junky Music

Daddy's Junky Music Memorial Page via Facebook
Daddy's Junky Music Memorial Page via Facebook

The harmonica Adam used during the show was from there! How cool is that?

Ted Herbert's Music

One of his guitars that he used on stage was from this fine establishment!

The Red Arrow Diner

Red Arrow Diner via Instagram
Red Arrow Diner via Instagram

During the tribute song to his dad, he said that the Red Arrow was his dad's favorite restaurant.

Central High School

Obviously, he had to shoutout his alma mater.

Honorable Mention: Hampton Beach

Sandler said "no one had a problem with how I dress when I'd walk down Hampton Beach". It's true! his basketball shorts and high socks all year round are perfectly acceptable around these parts.

Thanks for an incredible night and all of the hometown love, Sandman. I speak for your mom Judy and the entire of city of Manchester when I say that I hope you come back to see us again real soon.

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