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After a summer filled with debate about the Celtics trading All-Star Jaylen Brown for future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets announced Durant will be staying put (for now), thus ending (for now) any speculation about the lanky forward landing in Boston.

But the rumor mill’s churning once again, and has the C’s acquiring another future Hall of Famer without giving up Brown or anyone from its current roster.

According to a report by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson (insiders have much cooler names nowadays, don’t they?), Carmelo Anthony is the latest legendary scorer in the Celtics’ crosshairs.

Following an offseason injury to newly acquired forward Danilo Gallinari (who, ironically, was traded by the Knicks for Anthony in 2011), the ten-time all-star makes a lot of sense as a much-needed scorer off the bench. Gallinari is expected to be back in the lineup by November but, if there’s one thing the Celtics’ offensive struggles taught us in the Finals, you can never have too much scoring.

Anthony spent the bulk of his career playing for the Knicks and Denver Nuggets before bouncing around to several different teams in the latter part of his career.

Some teams might be scared off by Anthony’s age, as he turned 38 in May. However, he averaged a solid 13 points off the bench for the Lakers just last season, according to Basketball Reference.

Things could get awkward if the Celtics hold any team reunions, however. While with the Knicks in 2013, Anthony got into a scuffle with Celtic Kevin Garnett, who allegedly made some remarks about Anthony’s then-wife and a certain breakfast cereal.

Garnett later denied the remarks in an interview with GQ, but if there’s one thing we learned from the Adam Sandler film “Uncut Gems,” KG can be a pretty convincing actor.

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